The Bill of Rights: Evolution of Personal Liberties (Curriculum Unit)

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Produced by NARA, the following curriculum unit is designed to help students of U.S. history and government to develop critical thinking skills and to understand the process by which history is written.The materials address certain key issues of the period, government and political responses to these issues, and public attitudes.

The Bill of Rights is designed for upper elementary through college-level classrooms. The boxed unit contains 46 facsimiles of documents, historical background for the documents, and 10 lesson plans that trace the history of the Bill of Rights and the evolution of liberties protected by the great charter. Students trace the ratification process and debate whether the Bill of Rights should have been part of the Constitution or amendments to it. They evaluate the constitutionality of gun control, the Miranda decision, and World War II internment of Japanese Americans. They compare and contrast Supreme Court cases in 1887 and 1987 and forecast those that might arise in 2087. Among the documents are official correspondence, petitions, legislative proceedings, newspaper articles, and visual materials.

9 1/2" x 12", 77-page Teacher's Guide, 46 facsimiles National Archives and Records Administration, Reissued 1998 #11154 Boxed Set $60
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