American Originals

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Stacey Bredhoff

"For anyone who can't visit the National Archives and see the Declaration of Independence under glass or view the billions of documents chronicling the development of our nation, American Originals is the next best thing."

--Douglas Brinkley, Director of the Eisenhower Center of American Studies, University of New Orleans, from the Historian's Perspective in American Originals

Original documents are the raw stuff of history. They are physical links to the past. The original documents of the U.S. Government--those that have been identified as having permanent value--are preserved and made available to the public by NARA. American Originals presents a selection of the nation's most significant and compelling documents, pieces of history--the glorious and inglorious--in its most unprocessed form.

George Washington's account of expenses, kept throughout the Revolutionary War. Harriet Tubman's pension claim for her service during the Civil War. Richard Nixon's letter resigning the Presidency. These and other rarely seen documents from the National Archives offer fascinating insights into the towering figures and events in American history.

Combining the familiar with the obscure, American Originals presents glimpses of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Elvis Presley, John Muir, Rosa Parks, John Brown, Susan B. Anthony, and many others, through a selection of the nation's greatest documentary treasures.

Includes an autographed bookplate signed by author Stacey Bredhoff.

8 1/2" x 11", 128 pages, 123 illustrations (89 in full color)
National Archives and Records Administration and the University of Washington Press, 2000
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