Tokens and Treasures: Gifts to Twelve Presidents

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Lisa B. Auel

As the highest representative of the people and Government, the President accepts gifts on behalf of the United States of America. This tradition, as old as the Presidency itself, grows with each administration. Today, a President may receive 15,000 gifts a year. They come from every State in the nation and every country in the world. Gifts from foreign leaders continue the diplomatic tradition of exchange between heads of state; those from citizens, both Americans and others, symbolize ordinary people freely addressing, in every manner and form, the leader of the world's largest democracy.

This lavishly illustrated book, based on the exhibition of the same name, showcases over 200 gifts sent to Presidents from Hoover through Clinton. The gifts range from opulent presents from heads of state to handmade offerings from American citizens. The objects were selected from the holdings of NARA's Presidential library museums and Presidential materials projects.

Includes an autographed bookplate signed by author Lisa B. Auel.

8 1/2" x 11", 144 pages, 212 llustrations (137 in color) National Archives and Records Administration and the White House Historical Association, 1996

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