The Trans-Mississippi West, 1804 - 1912 Part IV: Section 3

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Published in two volumes, this new guide highlights records of the General Land Office, the Federal agency responsible from 1812 to 1946 for supervising the surveying, management, and disposition of the public domain and the execution of all laws relating to public lands.

The textual, cartographic, and photographic documents described show the manner in which the General Land Office accomplished its mission and the impact of Federal Government policies on the people and lands of the trans-Mississippi West, which consists of the contiguous states between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean.

Included are descriptions of records pertaining to land-grant railroads, Indian and forest reserves, mining claims, and private land claims in areas acquired by the Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican cessions, as well as the land entry papers documenting the thousands of individual transactions transferring the public lands to private ownership. These records are an invaluable source of information for environmental and family historians and those interested in our Nation's westward expansion.

"This work should be in every genealogical and historical library. Individuals building a serious research collection will find it an excellent value. Mining the stunning mass of [General Land Office] records with Kvasnicka's assistance will help historians and genealogists better tell the story of Americans moving westward." --National Genealogical Society Quarterly

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