Guide to Records Relating to US Military Participation in World War II - Part I

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Compiled by Timothy P. Mulligan

This series of guides identifies and describes the activities of the many military agencies that had a role in World War II. Although these materials emphasize the period December 1941 - September 1945, extensive documentation of the interwar and pre-Pearl Harbor periods is also included. These topical guides each represent the activities of a broad range of agencies, and the records are drawn from many record groups. Thus, these guides make accessible a large body of records that were not readily accessible before.

Part I: Policy Planning, Administration

This first volume includes records that cover such topics as formulation of strategy; personnel matters associated with the war; financial matters, including acquisition of land for military installations; legislative issues; and mobilization and training of US military and naval personnel.

8 1/2" x 11", 172 pages
National Archives and Records Administration, 1996
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