Guide to Records Relating to US Military Participation in World War II - Part II

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Compiled by Timothy P. Mulligan

This series of guides identifies and describes the activities of the many military agencies that had a role in World War II. Although these materials emphasize the period December 1941 - September 1945, extensive documentation of the interwar and pre-Pearl Harbor periods is also included. These topical guides each represent the activities of a broad range of agencies, and the records are drawn from many record groups. Thus, these guides make accessible a large body of records that were not readily accessible before.

Part II: Support and Supply

This second volume identifies and describes records in the National Archives that document the activities of the many military agencies involved in armaments production and procurement, lend-lease, stockpiling and consumption of strategic and conventional industrial materials, shipbuilding, military construction, protection of the Western Hemisphere, logistical support, services furnished to personnel, surveys of soldier attitudes, and detention of POWs and civilian internees

8 1/2" x 11", 170 pages
National Archives and Records Administration, 1998
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