Feminine Patriotism

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Feminine Patriotism

Dimensions: 20" (w) x 28" (h)

Entitled " Feminine Patriotism: Domestic Economy, Home Defense, Aid to the Suffering", it was designed by Lorraine Hazen. It is one of thirteen World War I posters that reminded women of areas where they could exercise their patriotism. These posters were originally collected by the Navy Department from other federal agencies and organizations and placed in the Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library.

Prior to World War I, it was “unthinkable” for "decent" women to work in factories. But as millions of men left the fields and factories to go the battle, someone had to step in to keep the production of goods and services flowing. The answer was obvious! Convince the American public that it was not only respectable but honorable for women to actively serve the war effort in whatever capacity was needed. Posters such as this one were arguably the strongest medium to permanently change the perception or image of a woman's role in our society. They changed, forever, the way we looked at women and influenced our society in a way never before experienced.

--description by Henry Henley
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