Let's Go

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Let's Go

Dimensions: 20" (w) x 28" (h)

Unlike many other posters of the World War II period, which contained vivid and sometimes graphic images of battle, this poster may appear to be more similar to a World War I publication. However, the uniform the marine is wearing was the official uniform of the U.S. Marine Corps when the war first began. The M1 helmet and field jacket, typically associated with the Second World War, did not appear until 1943. The posture and the manner that this marine holds his rifle suggests toughness, appealing to a certain audience, ripe with potential recruits, and bolstering the public image of the United States Marine Corps.

This poster can be found in Record Group 44: Records of the Office of Government Reports, 1932-1947 in the Still Picture Records Section of the Special Media Archives Services Division at Archives II in College Park, Maryland.

--description by Cyrus Sethna
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