Washington Your National Capital

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Washington Your National Capital

Dimensions: 20" (w) x 28" (h)

This was a travel poster created circa 1941 inviting viewers to come visit the national capital. This conflicts directly with the war effort, because travel for pleasure was strongly discouraged due to its propensity to waste resources that were desperately needed to fight the enemy. Essentially, the government was contradicting itself by printing posters that said "please come visit" and "don't travel because we are at war". This is why, in 1942, the Office of War Information (OWI) was created by Executive Order 9182. The Office of War Information consolidated the functions of the Office of Facts and Figures, Office of Government Reports, Division of Information of the Office for Emergency Management, Foreign Intelligence Service, and Outpost, Publication, and Pictorial Branches of the Office of the Coordinator of Information. This merger allowed centralized management and coordination of publications such as posters to prevent inconsistencies.

This poster is kept as a photomechanical print in Record Group 44: Records of the Office of Government Reports, 1932-1947 at Archives II in College Park, Maryland. (ARC Identifier: 516050, Local Identifier: 44-PA-2324)

--description by Cyrus Sethna
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