Western Ways

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Western Ways

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This photo appears on the cover of Western Ways-Images of the American West. The publication was produced by the National Trust Fund Board in 1992 for the National Archives and Records Administration(NARA). Authored by Mr. Bruce I. Bustard of NARA, it accompanied an exhibition of 127 photographs, drawings and maps at NARA in Washington, D.C. between Oct. 9, 1992 and Oct. 17, 1993.

The photograph is entitled The Grand Canyon at the Foot of the Toroweap Looking East. The original lithograph was taken by William Henry Holmes and originally appeared in Tertiary History of the Grand Canyon District, 1882 by Clarence Dutton. Mr. Holmes, being a member of several western topographic surveys, produced lithographs unsurpassed for their beauty and scientific accuracy. The history of the West is filled with memorable images that have become part of our culture and consciousness. These images emphasize the 19th century frontier experience. Surveyors and scientists might write volumes on the geology of the Grand Canyon, but Mr. Holmes's lithograph allows us to stand on the canyon's rim and visually capture it's majestic beauty without actually being there. This classic image is one of many that captures the mythic American West. Many were created to capture a historic or telling moment. Others, for documentation and miscellaneous reasons. All demonstrate the significance and spirit of the region's history.

--description by Henry Henley
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