The Confederacy: A Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America

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Henry Putney Beers

"An outstanding reference aid. . .Those who simply desire a handy, reliable authority on the myriad operations of the Confederate government will also want this book, even if they never crank the handle on a microfilm reader or crack the cover of a dusty ledger."
--Civil War Book Exchange & Collector's Newspaper

This companion volume to The Union is a guide to the official archives of the government of the Confederate States of America. The bulk of the book describes materials held by the National Archives, but Confederate records maintained at the Library of Congress and at 29 other institutions are also covered, as well as information obtained from repository guides and registers, from the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, and from bibliographies regarding the holdings of other repositories.

6" x 9", 546 pages
National Archives and Records Administration, 1968, 1986, reprinted 2005
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