A Moment of Crisis

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Untitled by Marion Creekmore, Jr

Introduction by Jimmy Carter

In A Moment of Crisis, Marion V. Creekmore, Jr. tells the story of Jimmy Carter's dramatic intervention in the 1994 North Korean nuclear crisis. With North Korea suspected of building nuclear weapons, international negotiations grid locked, and the United States pressing for United Nations sanctions that North Korea insisted would be a declaration of war, Carter went to North Korea to talk with its dictator, Kim II Sung. Convinced, as he was, that war was a strong possibility, Carter made his trip despite serious reservations within the Clinton administration and the South Korean government. The resulting deal between Carter and Kim II Sung broke the diplomatic deadlock and spurred Washington and Pyongyang to resolve the crisis peacefully through negotiations that shut down the North Korean plutonium-based nuclear program for eight years.

Creekmore, who accompanied Carter into North Korea, delivers a gripping narrative of the former president on one of his most remarkable missions a clear-eyed investigation into the missions's controversies and successes, and an illuminating look at how to best handle North Korea and other "rogue regimes." This is essential reading for anyone interested in diplomacy of the highest order how Jimmy Carter has accomplished the extraordinary achievements of his post-presidency, the circumstances that can lead to war, and the resolve and power that are necessary to make peace.

(Hard cover only) 406 pages (Dimensions 10, 6 1/2 ,10 inches)

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