Conscious Coma

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Untitled by David Rabhan

Foreword by President Jimmy Carter

In 1975, Mr. Rabhan traveled to Iran as a businessman, where he successfully farmed, produced infant formula and manufactured children's clothing. One day in 1980 when he was driving to one of his factories in Damgitam, he was arrested, accused of being a spy, and imprisoned without formal charges. His first years were spent largely in solitary confinement. After 7 1/2 years the Irainian officials finally filed charges againist Mr. Rabhan in 1988 and he was given a specific sentence of two years for being a spy. In August 1990, the court said the charge was a mistake and the American David Rabhan walked away from Evin Prison in Teheran, Iran with an incredible story in his head and with two suitcases stuffed with more than 300 sketches of prisoners, who, like himself were incarcerated for alleged "political" crimes against the Khomeini regime. Together, the incredible story and the unbelievable illustrations appearing in this book express the triumph of human dignity and spirit.

(Soft cover only) 333 pages (Dimensions 9, 6, 1 inches)

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