Dear Mr. President

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Untitled by

Dwight Young

Introduction by

Brian Williams

The Right To Be Heard, Even At The Highest Levels, is something Americans take for granted. Over the years countless people have taken pen in hand and begun a letter with the words "Dear Mr. President." The 87 letters showcased here from the famous and infamous, including Elvis Presley, Fidel Castro Queen Elizabeth, and Annie Oakley, have been culled from the National Archives collection and span a wide range of topics and emotions. A black soldier writes Lincoln requesting fair pay; Upton Sinclair advises Teddy Roosevelt on inspecting the meatpacking industry; John Glenn e-mails Bill Clinton from space. An introduction by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and illuminating text by Dwight Young expand the tenor of the times in which the letters were written and remind us that the President is both a national icon and a real person with a real address.

(Hard cover only) 191 pages (Dimensions 10 1/2, 8, 1/2 inches)

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