Helping Someone with Mental Illness (Pb)

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Untitled by Rosalynn Carter with Susan K. Golant
>Mrs. Carter has been a driving force in the field of mental health. She addresses the latest breakthroughs in understanding research and the discourse of psychological issues. The first thing you need to know is that life isn't over.

"The good news," writes Mrs. Carter in Helping Someone with Mental Illness "is that with proper diagnosis and treatment, the overwhelming majority of people with mental illness can now lead productive lives." Based on Mrs. Carter's twenty-five years of advocacy and latest data from the Rosalynn Carter Symposia for Mental Illness, her book offers step-by-step information on what to do after diagnosis:seeking the best treatment; evaluating health-care providers; managing workplace, financial,and legal matters. Mrs. Carter addresses the latest breakthroughs in understanding research, and treatment of schizophrenia, depression, manic depression, panic attacks, obsessive- compulsive disorder, and other mental disorders. She also discusses the emotional and psychological issue care giving for people with mental illness and offers concrete suggestions to help erase the prejudice and discrimination based on misinformation.

Her book is also a rich clearinghouse that guides readers to hundreds of specialized resources, including organizations, hotlines, newsletters, videos, books, websites, and more.

An important resource for families, friends, and those facing the challenges of mental illness. It delivers its message with warmth, clarity, and candor. --Laurie Flynn, executive director, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

Family and friends of persons with mental illness will want to turn to Mrs. Carter's book first for empathy, information, and advice. This is an excellent guide. -----C. Everett Koop, M.D. former Surgeon General of the United States

(Soft cover only) 350 pages (Dimensions 8 1/2,5 1/2,1 inches)

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