Helping Yourself Help Others (PB)

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Rosalynn Carter

with Susan K. Golant

"A practical highly informative and sympathetic guide."Washington Post

"An intelligent, compassionate book."New York Times Book Review

"Akin to a road map with directions for the places, akin to stops, that care givers will reach and what to do at each---learning about the diagnoses, enduring the illness, moving on after recovery or death."Chicago Tribune

Helping Yourself Help Others is a rare combination of Mrs. Carter's warmly personal account of her own caregiving experience and a reassuring, insightful guidebook that offers practical solutions to care givers' typical problems. Filled with empathy this sensitive, encouraging guide will help you meet a difficult challenge head on and find fulfillment and empowerment in your care giving role.

Mrs. Carter addresses the issues most caregivers face. How do you avoid burnout-the sense of feeling completely overwhelmed and unrewarded? How do you balance your responsibilities as a caregiver with the rest of your life? How can you enlist the aid of other family members? How can you educate yourself about your loved one's condition and work more effectively with the health care team? When is an institution the right choice for your loved one? How can you access helpful associations, literature, and government aid? (An appendix lists hundreds of resources.) In Helping Yourself Help Others, Rosalynn Carter shares the challenging, firsthand experience of this labor of love.

(Softcover only) 278 pages (Dimensions 8, 5 1/2, 1/2 inches)
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