Keeping Faith (Hb)

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Jimmy Carter

Tuesday, January 20, 1981: "I had not been to bed since early Sunday morning, and I was discouraged and almost exhausted." So began Jimmy Carter's last day in office, one of the most dramatic in his Presidency. At stake were the lives of fifty-two Americans, imprisoned for 444 days---and almost twelve billion dollars of Iranian assets.

Minute by minute, Carter tells the story of negotiations that spanned the world; of phone calls to Algiers, Istanbul, and Teheran; of the first time in history that the Bank of England was kept open on a weekend. At noon Ronald Reagan would be President. Fewer than twelve hours remained to redeem fourteen discouraging months of work.

When Jimmy Carter left Washington, he carried with him his 5000-page diary--unedited notes he dictated after each important meeting, nearly every day of his term. In Keeping Faith, he draws on this journal directly for a personal account of the exhilaration and solitude of being the man in the Oval Office.

Jimmy Carter entered the Presidency with a commitment to peace, human rights, nuclear arms control, and protection of the earth's fragile resources. Now in his own words, he evaluates his accomplishments and disappointments with the same candor that brought him to office.

His advisers warned him that his goals were overtly ambitious. They told him to steer clear of the Middle East, but he was determined. In an unprecedented act of creative diplomacy, the President invited the leaders of Israel and Egypt to Camp David to talk out their differences. For thirteen days, isolated from the press and from the world, Jimmy Carter struggled to change the course of history. Now, for the first time, he describes his own role in the dramatic encounter between Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat.

For four years, Carter faced difficult decisions unflinchingly---forging an American energy policy in the face of the gas and oil lobbies; battling Congress on government reorganization; righting a serious wrong in Panama; negotiating for the hostages' safe return

Jimmy Carter inherited a Presidency scarred by Vietnam and Watergate. This is his story, the story of a man who kept his faith in Americans in hope they would regain belief in themselves.

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