Negotiation: The Alternative to Hostility

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Jimmy Carter

On April 28, 1983, former President Jimmy Carter presented the inaugural lecture for Mercer University's Carl Vinson Memorial Lecture Series. His topic was Negotiation: The Alternative to Hostility. This book is a keepsake from that event, including the lecture program, remarks by Mercer University President R. Kirby Godsey; Board of Trustees Chairman Robert L. Steed; Law School Dean Karl P. Warden, and nummerous photographs.

In his address, President Carter makes a case for using "bright thinking, unanticipated approaches, and unorthodox ideas to achieve the ancient goals of better justice and peace in the world." Specifically, Carter lays out a seven-step method for using negotiation to resolve disputes without litigation or war. He gives examples of how he has applied these conflict resolution principles as President and at the Carter Center. Anyone interested in conflict resolution,whether on the world stage or in business and personal relationships, will find this book fascinating and helpful.

(Soft cover) 57 pages (Dimensions 9, 6, 1/2 inches)

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