Sharing Good Times

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Jimmy Carter

In this wonderfully evocative volume, following the outstanding success of The Hornet's Nest, Christmas in Plains, and his classic An Hour Before Daylight, Jimmy Carter writes about the things that matter most, the simple relaxed days and nights that he has enjoyed with family and friends through the years and across generations.

Here are lively and witty accounts of exploring the outdoors with his father and with black playmates; making furniture; painting; pursuing new adventures and going places with children, grandchildren, and friends. He describes how he learned to share life with his wife, Rosalynn---and how they both learned how to grant each other personal space---and to compete with her on the tennis court, high mountains, trout streams, and ski slopes.

These lifetime experiences can be an inspirational guide to anyone desiring to stretch mind and heart and to combine work and pleasure.

(Hard cover only) 174 pages (Dimensions 8 , 5 1/2, 1/2 inches)

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