The Personal Beliefs of Jimmy Carter

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Former President Jimmy Carter has won the respect and affection of millions for his long and illustrious career as a humanitarian, a peacemaker, and an active promoter of human rights around the world.

The Nobel Committee recognized President Carter's remarkable achievements by awarding him the Peace Prize in October 2002 for his accomplishments fostering peace during his presidency and his tireless work after leaving office monitoring elections, promoting peaceful resolutions to conflicts, and helping provide food, shelter, and health care to the world's poor. Now, in The Personal Beliefs of Jimmy Carter, readers have for the first time in one volume the complete text of his spiritual autobiography, Living Faith, in which President Carter shares the values and experiences that have shaped his life, and Sources of Strength, fifty-two of his favorite Bible lessons that he has taught at his hometown church in Plains, Georgia, over the decades.

These radiant works beautifully capture how President Carter has transformed his deep religious faith into an enduring course of action that has brought life and hope to those most in need. Bestsellers when they first published, these two books are even more resonant today as we continue to search for the answers to life's meaningful questions.

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