The Unfinished Presidency

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by Douglas Brinkley

Jimmy Carter left the White House in January 1981, defeated in his bid for reelection and rejected by the American public--but hardly broken. Once outside the Oval Office, he was more determined than ever to complete his life's dream; world peace. Award-winning historian Douglas Brinkley received unique and intimate access to Carter and the Carter archives, and presents observations of his complex relationships with many world leaders: Mikhail Gorbachev, Deng Xiaoping, Margaret Thatcher, Fidel Castro, Yasir Arafat, Hafez al-Assad, as well as the men who have succeeded him in the White House.

Brinkley also casts a new light on the often-overlooked achievements of the Carter administration; Camp David Accords the Panama Canal Treaties, and his championing of human rights. The Unfinished Presidency is a definitive account of a compassionate,driven man, a formidable world statesman fueled by a colossal ambition to make peace.

"Douglas Brinkley has told the story of Jimmy Carter's second and subsequent comings with critical sympathy and a wealth of research...(Brinkley) is bringing to life the elusive personality, sweet yet angular, of Jimmy Carter himself. Even Carter's severest critics... will find it hard to be unmoved by his blend of idealism and practicality." ---The New York Times Book Review

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