Why Not The Best? (Green)

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Jimmy Carter

"In short, this is the story of one righteous Southerner's coming of age, a Main Street memoir anchored by no-nonsense style and homespun storytelling.

Broadman Press

When a little-known former Southern Governor named Jimmy Carter decided to seek the Presidency, he wrote, "Why Not the Best?" as a means of letting voters know who he was and his sense of values. The title comes from a question Admiral Rickover asked him during a job interview, following his graduation from the Naval Academy. "Did you do your best?" Rickover asked. Carter initially answered "yes sir" but after some thought said, "no sir, I didn't always do my best." Describing the scene years later, Carter writes, "He asked one final question which I have never been able to forget-or to answer. He said, "Why not?"

In this early autobiography, Carter describes his boyhood on the farm in Georgia, his military career, and his political life. He writes about what he would later call his "sources of strength," and his goals for government. "Our government can and must represent the best and the highest ideals of those of us who voluntarily submit to its authority," Carter writes. "In our nation's third century, we must meet these simple but crucial standards. Why Not the Best?"

(Hard cover encased in a presentation box only) 208 pages Dimensions (9 1/2, 6 1/2, 1 inches)

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