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Eyewitness: Presidents

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An informative and visual guide to America's highest office,DK Eyewitness Books: Presidents explores the history of the White House and the 45 presidents who have served in it, and features a spread about the nation's new president, elected in November 2016. Follow the early lives and political careers of the US presidents and see how they came into office, with full-color photographs of campaign memorabilia, family portraits, handwritten letters, mementos, and more. Discover how Abraham Lincoln saved the Union, why teddy bears are named after Theodore Roosevelt, and how Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the nation with the Louisiana Purchase.

Flip to the reference section in DK Eyewitness Books: Presidents to learn more, including fun facts, such as Harry Truman was the first president to give a speech on television. Read iconic speeches, including Ronald Reagan's Evil Empire Speech, John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and Washington's Farewell Address. Find out where in the country to visit, including presidential libraries and homes, national parks, Mount Rushmore, and Washington, DC.

DK Eyewitness Books: Presidents looks at key players, political events, and historic moments throughout each president's term. Learn how each commander in chief lead the United States through war, political turmoil, and times of peace with full-page spreads and easy-to-understand information about America's history.
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