An Unplanned Life

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An Unplanned Life is the scintillating memoir of George Elsey, a small town kid from western Pennsylvania who, at age twenty-four, was assigned to Franklin Roosevelt's top-secret intelligence and communications center in the White House.

Elsey had an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time. The parade of personages and events that he witnessed up close and is really mind-boggling. From FDR's map room to D-Day, to FDR's funeral, to Truman and containment and his stunning reelection in 1948, to Korea, to the waning days of LBJ's administration and Clark Clifford's artful efforts for extrication from Vietnam-- they are all there and more. It is a fascinating ride through some of the greatest doings of the mid-twentieth century. Hardcover, 264 pages.

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