Brother Truman

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Brother Truman: The Masonic Life and Philosophy of Harry S. Truman

Brother Truman is the story of one of the few Great American Statesmen. It is the story of the human Harry S. Truman--a man with a philosophy anyone can emulate; a man who deeply loved his family, his country, and his fellow man; a man who refused to prostitute the title of President of the United States. Truman was the George Washington of the Twentieth Century. In Brother Truman you will find a man who considered others before himself; who felt strongly; who believed in and fought for his country and its citizens.

Harry S. Truman was the right man in the right place on many occasions, especially during the trying days preceding during and following World War II. Few men, if any, could have so successfully carried the United States from the hells of war through the problems of peace. Harry Truman saved much of the world from despotism, and through his vision the starving in war-torn Europe were fed and the naked clothed. Because of his actions, ravaged industry, cities and countries were rebuilt, and an international forum was established which gave the world the prospects for a world without more global wars. Through his decisiveness he stopped the enemies of freedom on many fronts.

Over the years more and more of Harry Truman's former critics have come to realize he was far more often right than wrong. Many have publicly apologized for their past criticism. Others have wished his successors have been as strong and unselfish.

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