Memoirs by Harry S. Truman (leather)

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Truman’s Memoirs are an invaluable record of the former president’s tumultuous years in office, his early days in Missouri, and his rise in local and state politics. There are delightful glimpses of his family life, striking appraisals and anecdotes of world leaders such as Churchill, Stalin, Chiang and De Gaulle, and candid disclosures about the background of national and international events. But overshadowing all is the story of the glorious task of bringing a war to an end, of working for an enduring peace and leading the free world into a new age.

In the remarkable first volume, Year of Decisions, President Truman provides extraordinary insight into events and decisions that have shaped the world we live in. The momentous year, 1945, witnessed the accession of a new president in wartime, the first use of atomic weaponry, the end of the war with Japan and the founding of United Nations. Engaging and informal, Truman's Memoirs display the sterling character of a man who, thrust into a job he neither sought nor wanted, proved to be one of the ablest men ever to hold the office of the presidency.

The former Chief Executive begins the second volume of his memoirs, Years of Trial and Hope, with his graphic and trenchant description of the presidency. Not since the early days of our country has a President written a more detailed account of life in the nation's most important job -- a job which has come to be one of the most important in the world as well. In this volume Mr. Truman departs from the chronological method he used in Volume One and presents the major problems of his administration in separate chapters, discussing them in depth. This is a completely fascinating history as seen from the highest level.

This is a special, leather bound, first edition set of Harry S. Truman’s memoirs which were acquired by the Truman Presidential Library during the period when the former president still maintained an office on site. They originally sold for $750.00 per set and they are in new, unread condition, with only the shelf wear and aging on the slip case that would be expected. Each leather bound volume has gilt top edges and comes in its own slip case. Volume one, 596 pgs.; volume two, 594 pgs.

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