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Battle of Britain documentary

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Before the invasion of Normandy, or North Africa, or Italy, and before the attack on Pearl Harbor-—Britain stood alone against the Nazi menace.

It was the most important event in the Royal Air Forces history. Go back to the summer of 1940 in the Battle of Britain and live through the tense moments leading up to the bombings, then brace for head-to-head combat and watch as a decision is made that will forever change the hearts and lives of an entire nation.

The film gives a chronological account of the country preparing to defend itself against the rising Nazi empire, then explores the myths surrounding the campaign and offers an unbiased history of the events in the skies over Britain. Relive this crucial turning point in World War II and feel what it was like to have lived through what may be the three most important months in the history of Great Britain perhaps even in the world.

This DVD contains three films detailing one of WWII’s most famous and crucial battles.

- In The Few, examine the build-up to the Battle of Britain, discover the technological advances pioneered by the Royal Air Force, and relive the beginning of the battle itself. Plus, find out how the RAFs world-class fighters the Hurricane and the Spitfire held up versus enemy planes.

-InThe Darkest Hour, see how the RAF and the Luftwaffe each succeeded or failed in separate attacks until the Germans made a mistake. Then, from July to the beginning of September 1940, both sides were finding their feet.

- In The Blitz, see how Hitler decided to move the bombing strategy away from the airfields, to civilian London, a choice that would ultimately end in a loss for Germany.

Run time: Approximately 140 minutes.

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