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Cold War Kids

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Marylyn Irvin Holt's Cold War Kids unveils the little known history of how national politics and federal policy expanded their influence in shaping children's lives and experience, preparing the way for the youth centered political culture of subsequent decades.

The author explores the decade and a half before the troubled and dramatic 1960's and covers all the pertinent issues addressed tentatively by politicians and policy-makers as they began to reimagine the governments role in the lives of American families and children.

Holt examines childhood policy and children's experience in relation to population shifts, suburbia, divorce and family stability, working mothers, and the influence of television. This period, largely viewed as a time of "stagnation" in studies of children and childhood after World War II, emerges in Holt's cogent account as a distinct period in the history of children in America. Hardback, 214 pages.

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