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Eisenhower Legacy

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The Eisenhower Legacy: A Tribute to Ida Stover Eisenhower and David Jacob Eisenhower chronicles their lives together raising six rambunctious boys - Arthur, Edgar, Dwight, Roy, Earl and Milton. As poor boys coming from parents who were highly educated for the time and place, the boys developed an unusual consciousness about being the Eisenhower's.

Life was never easy during those times, and their collective success seemingly stemmed from strict discipline, Bible study, regular church attendance and adherence to the Golden Rule. They each made lives of their own, leaving a legacy for future generations of Eisenhower's.

"This book, researched with incredible thoroughness and highly readable, may well turn out to be the most definitive treatment ever written on the Eisenhowers of Abilene. It is a history, not only of a single family, but also of a Western culture, the memory of which is worth keeping. --" John S. D. Eisenhower, son of Dwight David Eisenhower 34th President of the United States.

By Kaye Eisenhower Morgan, Softcover, 217 pgs., over 65 photos.

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