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Unusual for Their Time Vol. 2

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Behind every great man is an even greater woman... or in this case... lady. If George Washington had never met and married Martha Dandridge Custis, this book would be called something quite different. It may have been written in a different language, or perhaps never written at all. If George and Martha Washington had never married, America would be a very different place... or quite possibly... not America at all. Martha Washington was unusual for her time. In Volume 2, the adventure picks up with Edith Roosevelt and continues through our most recent 2016 election and First Lady, Melania Trump... My name is Andrew Och, I am the "THE FIRST LADIES MAN," and I'm not done telling you about these amazing women and the incredible adventures they inspired. My travels have given me the opportunity to learn about every First Lady of the United States from Martha Washington to Melania Trump. I continue to visit and explore cities, towns, villages, homes, schools, churches, birthplaces, cemeteries, train stations, farms, plantations, libraries, museums, general stores, town centers and cottages that relate to these women...our American First Ladies. Finding out what type of woman grows up to become married to a President of the United States is a lifelong project for me. As I showed you in Volume One, many of our Presidents married up. Most of these men would not have made it to the White House without the help, influence, and support of their wives. I have traveled tens of thousands of miles in the lives, footsteps, and shoes of these First Ladies, and here's what I've learned...ALL of these women have been UNUSUAL FOR THEIR TIME.

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