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Welcome to Mars

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What do the atomic bomb, The Twilight Zone, LSD, the suburbs, flying saucers, an brainwashing all have in common? Welcome to Mars reveals the connections between them, showing the relationship between postwar paranoia, modern science, and pop culture from 1947 to 1959.

Drawing on declassified government archives, newspaper records, ad campaigns, and B-Movies, author Ken Hollings weaves an intricate web of Cold War politics and 1950's pop culture, describing a feedback loop in which real technological advances and government experimentation gave rise to science fiction-- which then fed new innovation and research.

Hollings explores 1950's fantasies of contacting life on other planets, the "red terror" invoked by flying-saucer movies, tales of eugenic utopias that hinted at the darker side of suburbia, and mind-control science-fiction stories giving voice to the public's fear of government or foreign experiments in "brainwashing" and medical research into altering consciousness. From subruban planning to the space race, Welcome to Mars makes startling connections between science fact and science fiction Soft cover, 270 pages.

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