Nuclear Energy & Legacy of HST

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Nuclear Energy and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman (The Truman Legacy Series, Volume 12)

Harry S. Truman's nuclear policies and programs are probably the most significant and controversial aspects of his presidency. The essays in this volume examine Truman's decision to use atomic weapons against Japan in 1945--one of the most contentious issues in all of American history--and the use of atomic energy after the war; both as an important weapon in the arms race of the cold war era and as a subject for research into its applications to medicine, industry, agriculture, and power production.

In this volume, seven prominent historians offer valuable perspective on these issues, using new information from Japanese sources and a wealth of primary source material to examine the decision to use the atomic bomb; as well as important questions relating to the nuclear arms race, the benefits and hazards of radioactive isotopes, and the development of nuclear power. Many of these issues that had their origins in the Truman era are still of great importance to the world today and to future generations. Softcover, 240 pages.

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