The Environmental Legacy of Harry S. Truman (The Truman Legacy Series)

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The Environmental Legacy of Harry S. Truman (The Truman Legacy Series, Volume 5)

Decades before the environmental concerns of the 1960s and long before today’s quest for sustainability, Harry S. Truman’s presidency decisively changed the scope and pace of federal government interaction with the natural world. Determined to extend the prosperity promised by Roosevelt’s New Deal, Truman approved ambitious plans to harness nature for human betterment, national power, and economic security. His decision to spend billions of dollars building dams not only altered the flow of rivers, but stimulated new debates about the balance between wilderness and human society.

By ordering the development and testing of atomic weapons, Truman’s administration reshaped both the domestic and global natural environment as well as the international power structure. This book includes articles by leading environmental, political, and legal scholars, examining the Truman presidency’s role in transforming the American environment and the federal government’s authority over it. Softcover, 145 pages.

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